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Friday , 17 May 2024

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Greening Last Mile delivery through E-Micro-Mobility

E-Micro Mobility feat

According to Amit Bhatt, Executive Director and Jagriti Arora, Project Associate, WRI India Ross Center, the partnership between delivery platforms and micro-mobility startups during this pandemic has been mutually beneficial Grammarians call the act of converting a noun into a verb denominalization or verbing. Google it, Skyped, or Dunzo it are three examples of verbing with Dunzo it perhaps being ...

EV Chargers Designed & Made in India, & Made for India

Being in the business of providing clean energy solutions is not an easy task in India. However, Magenta Power is working on identifying India-specific challenges and providing solutions, especially for EV charging and battery swapping. When Magenta Power commenced its EV charging operation in India, no one thought the kind of disruption it would bring to the fore. Known for ...

SHIFTING GEARS: Electric Vehicle revolution in India

Realising the urgent need to re-think and revisit transport infrastructure and fuel dependency as well as the potential of EVs in doing this, the Indian government has announced plans to make the country a 100% EV nation by 2030. In line with this, in Union Budget 2018, the government allocated $40.5 million towards the development of electric and hybrid vehicles ...