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Sunday , 21 April 2024

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How Safe are we on Our Roads?

Vidyottama Sharma speaks with the industry, enforcement agencies, NGOs and medical fraternity on the safety on our roads, enforcement issues, decision dilemmas and solutions

Electronic Safety Devices

Aktion Handheld Search Light AK 102 from Aktion Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd is a powerful halogen lamp which provides high visibility of more than 750 metres. The searchlight is powered by rechargeable 12 V battery. It is easy to handle with its adjustable nylon shoulder strip and in built handle. The rigid plastic body makes it highly durable and weather ...

Speed Bumps

Aktion Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd’s Road Safety products include Speed Bumps (Rubber/ABS). These are made of sturdy plastic and are highly resistant to severe impact and harsh weather conditions. The speed bumps’ dovetail interlocking subunits help in binding them perfectly into one firm bump. Their pre-coloured material (black and yellow) and UV stabilizers give them a colourful and bright look. ...