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Thursday , 13 June 2024

Smart Signaling by PTV Balance and PTV Epics

During the past two-three decades western countries experienced major development in technology and involved in effective optimization. As the urban population is growing at rapid phase, we need a system to reduce the travel time and traffic congestion on all the roads to have an integrated and seamless travel. The smart attempt has been made on Lodhi Road Delhi to make a 3km network wide optimization by using PTV Balance and PTV Epics. The fixed time signal controller were replaced with adaptive traffic signal controller and integrated with PTV Balance and PTV Epics inside the simulation model for testing and calibration. The simulated output highlights an average network speed along the corridor has increased by 27%. It is observed that average travel time, queue length and journey delay have decreased by 26%, 37% and 45% respectively.

With the fast growing urbanization and the technology available in 21st century every one like to adapt the technology for the smart living. From interiors to exteriors we optimize everything depending upon the necessity, can’t we do the same to our traffic lights? Why don’t our traffic lights to be smart and allow us to have continuous green with seamless travel from origin and destination.

PTV Balance (Balancing Adaptive Network Control Method) is a macroscopic traffic model that estimates flows in accordance to detector data, a control model and a mesoscopic traffic flow model in order to calculate the effects of a specific signal plan, and most importantly different optimization algorithms. It’s ideal partner is the sister product PTV Epics (Entire Priority Intersection Control System) which prognoses the traffic for the next 100 seconds based on the detector value, current queue lengths, cyclic flow profiles and public transport prioritization. PTV Epics controls the individual intersection optimization and by integrating PTV Balance, it will balance the entire corridor for the seamless travel.

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