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Friday , 24 May 2024

Smart Sensor Wireless Network Solution by iRam Technologies

Rapid urbanisation and rise in population have led to wide scale implementation of smarter infrastructures and development of Smart Cities worldwide. This smart infrastructure has an underline or last mile layer of Wireless Sensor Networks which is responsible for extraction and communication of accurate field data from an urban living environment. These living environments can be air quality, parking, traffic, street lights, surveillance, waste management, water distribution and many more. This accurate data from Wireless Sensor Network is transmitted to edge computing servers or remote management servers via cities telecommunication backbone. This data is further processed by servers and made available to citizens and local administration and other stake holders as an actionable intelligence resulting in key objective of making urban living convenient.

This IoT architecture based Wireless Sensor Network is fundamental for realisation of Smart City as timely & accurate data from field is one of the most critical components for right actions from city administration & citizens. This timely and accurate data can change citizen behaviour and local administrations operational approach & methodology.

With over years of Research & Development at iRAM’s Bangalore facility and various Smart City deployments, iRAM has announced general availability of its robust Smart Sensor Wireless Network (SSWN). This Network comprises of specific sensors, controllers, actuators, gateways and signal boosters/repeaters. As of now this network is being used for various Smart City applications like Smart Parking Management System, Street light Management Systems and Environment Monitoring Stations. Interoperating Testing is going-on for other Smart City applications like Smart Bin’s, Vehicle Tracking, Smart Buildings etc.

iRAM has successfully tested this network solution with iRAM’s Smart Parking Application & Environment Monitoring application in city of Kanpur, iRAM’s Smart Parking Application in Bhubaneshwar and Smart Lighting & Environment Monitoring applications in Dahod. Deployment is underway at another half a dozen Smart Cities in India & Abroad.

SSWN uses multiple technologies like 802.15.4, LoRa, Wi-Fi, BLE, 2G/4G and operates in Multiple ISM Bands i.e. Sub 1GHz (865-867MHz) and 2.4 GHz. It has AES-128 Key encryption for secured wireless communication and has in-built self-diagnosis to avoid packet loss. These full-scale specifications, rigorous outdoor testing and various Industry certifications makes it capable to deliver near 100% accurate and real-time communication.

iRAM’s Chief Technology Officer Satya Narayana Divi said, “ With pervasiveness of smart phones and 3G/4G, the availability of Internet access is not a challenge anymore in India. The challenge is to increase the use of IoT applications by improving Citizen’s trust on the accuracy, availability, delivery and security of these Technologies.”

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