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Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Smart City Solutions

TechSture Technologies introduces host of technology solutions, among them are the Smart City Poles and Intelligent Traffic Management System. A multi-utility and piece of innovations, Smart City Pole provides host of services to its citizens as: solar-based intelligent lighting system, air quality monitoring, advertisement LED panel, wi-fi hotspot, car charging stations, e-cycle charging stations, rain-water harvesting, CCTV monitoring with intelligent face / traffic detection, SOS emergency call/help system and relax stations. Engineered and manufactured by TechSture (including its electronics), smart city pole aids to reduce night lighting at locations such as road side parkings, airports, malls and commercial buildings, public places with parking lots etc. It also helps create useful infrastructure like car charging which is much needed at these places. It also helps increase security at these locations with the help of camera monitoring and SOS call help buttons. The rain water harvesting is another innovation wherein water collected during rains is stored in underground tanks and fed all the year round to nearby plantations via drip irrigation systems.

Techsture’s Intelligent Traffic Management System help cities automate traffic and ease complexities in various ways as: The Intelligent Traffic Signal Management are auto managed based on traffic flow in each direction. The signals are synchronized and auto -communicate allowing for maximum traffic flow with least stoppage. This has significant economic impact in terms of fuel savings, reduced pollution and carbon release to atmosphere besides time savings for the commuter. The Fast and Auto Routing of Emergency Services: The artificial intelligence based traffic control system automatically routes and syncs signals that provide the fastest route and no stoppage to signals for vehicles like ambulances, fire brigades, police vehicles. Other services provided by the intelligent traffic management system are
1. Congestion monitoring
2. CCTV monitoring of junctions
3. Public announcement system
4. Pollution monitoring
5. Advertisement & Information display

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