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Saturday , 18 May 2024

Smart Cities Smart Solutions

The Smart Cities consultants are involved in

Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya: “We are involved with the Cities of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Vishakhapatnam as part of the 100 Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India. KPMG conceptualized the Smart City Proposals (SCPs) for the above cities, which were selected and approved by the Government of India. These are in the process of being implemented. The key highlights are: ISO 37120 Based Smart City Planning; Smart Mini STPs (water recycling and conservation); Smart Toilets – Transforming Public Toilets into Smart Public Amenities Centers: Adding ATMs/Pathology Labs/e-Commerce Centres/Rooftop renewable energy; Non-motorized transport (NMT) – Electric vehicles for last mile connectivity; Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosks by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) – Passenger Information System, Tourism Information, Maps, E-governance Citizen Information and news; Sensor Based Smart Parking through mobile and web-based application;Smart Poles – with LEDs having incident-driven-controllers; communication-infrastructure, Wi-Fi access points, air-quality sensors, noise-pollution sensors; Waste to Energy – Utilization of kitchen waste to produce biogas through anaerobic digestion; Solar Power Projects: Setting up of a 10MW Grid Connected Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant; Smart Education – Development of e-Learning solution for NDMC schools (smart classrooms with digital content); and Smart Card – Financial, Identity, Ticketing & Access inclusion: and Single Card access to New Delhi inclusive of Banking/Jan-Dhan Yojana/ Insurance for all based on regular Bank Debit card”.

Ashish Tandon: “We are working in Bhubaneswar Smart city currently, where we are retrofitting 70kms of roads and streets in the ABD zone in the heart of the city. The key outputs will be undergrounding of infrastructure – electric and telecom cables, designing for 24X7 water and power supply, introducing City gas network and extensively redesigning the streets to create pedestrian-friendly, safe and vibrant city spaces.

Guy Perry: “At Essel, we are working on a range of transportation solutions for cities as well as rural areas. We are working diligently on the transport solutions of one of India’s key religious sites and its connection to the neighbouring city. We are studying replacing the hazardous buses and taxis with a tram system, and considering removing all private motorized vehicles (2 and 4 wheeler) from the core area of the city, in order to enhance the religious visitor experience and safety. To interconnect rural towns we are looking to encourage active mobility through shading, rubberized surfaces and the use of luminophores for wayfinding in the dark”.

A Shankar: “We are working in Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Amritsar, Vadodara, Puducherry, Tiruchirappalli, Karur, Thanjavur, Erode, Srirangam, and Calicut. Projects such as Smart Integrated Bus Terminal Development, Multi-Level Car Parking, Cycle Sharing System, Parking Management System, Redevelopment with Traffic Management Plan, Pedestrianization, Feeder System, TOD corridors, etc., are the key highlights in the proposal pertaining to traffic and transport in Smart Cities”.

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