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Friday , 23 February 2024

SITA Reaches Two Million-Message Milestone

SITA, the leading air transport specialist, has reached a landmark of two million messages per day sent by more than 10,000 aviation users, air traffic controllers, airline operation centres and air and engine manufacturers using its services. The ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting system) messages, sent through SITA, and supported by data link processing centres in Montreal and Singapore and a network of 1,200 VHF ground stations, play an important role in the safety and operations of aircraft worldwide. ACARS is used by pilots and cockpit systems to communicate with air traffic control, airline flight operations and aircraft maintenance departments, and to obtain weather updates and new flight plans. Air traffic control authorities use ACARS to transmit critical routing information to aircraft through controller pilot datalink communications. New generation aircraft such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus 380 which use new generation electronic flight bags for their crucial flight communications still use the ACARS system along with the new systems. Similarly, aircraft using ICAO standard ATN, AIRCO IP and other new protocols use these systems in parallel with ACARS. A further rise in demand for the ACARS system is expected as a result of the decision of the US Federal Aviation Administration to allow use of Iridium satellite communications for civil aviation purposes, a decision which will allow more aircraft to use satellite ACARS for communication with air traffic control.

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