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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Singapore to encourage public transport

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore is working on plans to encourage the travelling public to use public transport more often, reduce the use of cars, and travel more during off-peak hours. As a part of the initiative, the agency has appointed a consultant to design workplace-based travel plan programmes for three organisations, and to assist three others with similar plans of their own. Three features which will be a part of these programmes will be shuttle bus services, flexible work schemes and teleconference facilities for employees. Also, two universities are conducting an incentive based study which encourages commuters to travel during off-peak hours in the morning. An inter-ministerial work group will be established to explore ways of introducing flexible work arrangements. Before creating the programmes, the LTA plans to survey about 1500 commuters and get information about their commuting and travel patterns. Also, views of the management personnel of about 100 companies will be taken into account to see the readiness of the industry to such a move.

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