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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Simple measures slash UK road fatalities

Simple road safety measures put in place on just 15 roads in the UK have helped save more than 300 lives, according to a survey conducted by the Road Safety Foundation. The measures have reduced serious road crashes on the 15 roads alone from 494 to 190, while emergency services, the NHS, local authority care, businesses and families have been able to save $80 million annually. The survey found that the most common causes of accidents were vehicles involved in rear-end collisions at intersections during busy periods, and drivers losing control of vehicles during turns. The safety measures included use of solar powered road studs to improve night time visibility for drivers, new speed restrictions, better speed enforcement, improved design and layout of traffic intersections, use of central safety barriers, and improved resurfacing practices such as implementing high-friction and anti-skid treatments on bends. Most of these measures that have been implemented can be carried out as routine and inexpensive maintenance work. Road maintenance agencies can recover the cost of investment for these measures within 10 weeks. The additional advantage is that the measures will continue to save lives and reduce costs for many years.

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