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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Shuttle Parking System

Vishal Jajoo of Jajoo Automation

Vishal Jajoo of Jajoo Automation looks at the control logic of a shuttle parking system that is used for space & speed efficiency

The control logic typically involves a set of rules and algorithms to efficiently manage the flow of shuttles and vehicles within the parking area.

Vehicle Arrival:
  • When a vehicle arrives at the parking lot entrance, it is detected by sensors or an attendant.
  • The system checks for available parking spaces and assigns the vehicle to an appropriate parking spot.
  • If the parking lot is full, the system may direct the vehicle to an overflow area or suggest alternative parking options.
Shuttle Management:
  • Shuttles are deployed to transport passengers between designated pick-up/drop-off points and parking areas.
  • Shuttles follow predefined routes or dynamically adjust their routes based on demand or traffic conditions.
  • The control logic ensures an optimal number of shuttles are active at any given time, avoiding overcrowding or long wait times.
Parking Space Monitoring:
  • Sensors or camera systems continuously monitor the occupancy status of parking spaces.
  • The control logic keeps track of available spaces and updates the information in real-time.
  • When a parking space becomes vacant, the system marks it as available for incoming vehicles.
User Communication:
  • The control logic communicates parking information to users through various means, such as electronic signs, mobile apps, or on-site displays.
  • Users receive guidance on available parking spots, shuttle locations, and any relevant instructions.

Security and Safety:
  • The control logic incorporates security measures, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers.
  • It may also include algorithms to detect and respond to potential security threats or emergencies.
Data Analysis and Optimization:
  • The control logic collects and analyzes data on parking occupancy, shuttle utilization, and user patterns.
  • Using this data, the system can optimize shuttle deployment, parking allocation, and overall operational efficiency over time.

Overall, the control logic of a shuttle parking system aims to maximize parking capacity, minimize shuttle wait times, and enhance the user experience through efficient management of vehicles, shuttles, and parking resources.

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