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Friday , 24 May 2024

Safer and Better Intersection Management

Arvind Tewari, Director, Aabamatica Technologies

Aabmatica Technologies Pvt Ltd has partnered with smartmicro, Germany and has successfully implemented multiple projects in India using smartmicro sensors. With an objective to improve road safety and traffic management, these sensors have not only been used to capture Red Light Violations and Speed violations, but also as traffic detectors for applications like ATCS and traffic management. Arvind Tewari, Director, Aabamatica Technologies explains the new hybrid & fusion technology for smart cities and highway management

The most advanced traffic management technology enables radar synchronization for seamless object tracking from approach to departure. By covering the entire intersection, including all approaches and the inner part of the intersection, object tracking, and classification will reach an entirely new level.

smartmicro multifunctional sensors, for example, the latest TRUGRD product line, can be used for a variety of applications in smart cities. Above all, the reliable detection of vulnerable road users contributes to the protection of pedestrians and cyclists and help avoid accidents. Furthermore, the detection of traffic violations such as violating red traffic light signals or driving at high speeds increases road safety.

Another focus is the seamless monitoring of entire intersections including their inlets: By arranging TRUGRD sensors on the opposite side of each inlet to a junction point, an overlap area is created in the interior of the intersection and the entire intersection area is covered. The stop line and traffic arriving from all directions are also reliably monitored thanks to the high range of the sensors which is nearly 300 meters. This monitoring area of the interior of the intersection, including the inlets, created in this way, provides data of all road users and supports the autonomous traffic for the future.

In addition to the further development of smart cities, smartmicro sensors also contribute to increased traffic safety in interurban areas and on motorways. The modern technology provides valuable data for the detection of dangers, such as slow-moving vehicles or incidents such as accidents or breakdowns.

Enabling road safety using radar based incident detection system

Aabmatica’s Automatic radar-based Incident Detection System, is an innovative and precise AID system. The solutions are based on advanced vehicle tracking capabilities of a forward firing FMCW radar & Image processing using high-definition cameras.

Use of radar with sophisticated algorithms provides possibility to detect irregular traffic conditions in all ambient light conditions for lengthy monitored roadways and providing quick alert to ICC operators about any untoward incident, traffic slowdowns or any defined abnormal traffic pattern. The system also provides an optional statistical data module for vehicle counting, classification, traffic density and average speed.

The Er-AID solutions can be easily integrated with ICC platforms to automatically archive incidents along with video clips of the events (before and after the alarm was detected) and provide statistical traffic data.

Er-AID Automatic Radar with Video Incident Detection is highly effective incident detection solution, which can detect incidents upto 300m in all weather conditions including Fog, bad illumination. As system uses FMCW technology it can work even in dark conditions for long-ranges using advanced 4D/3D UHD sensors with High-definition images. As an option, system can be integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to achieve minimum false alarms ratio and better detection accuracy than traditional video-based AID systems which have dependency on ambient light conditions and limited coverage area.

Er-AID uses advanced traffic trajectory sensors with integrated high-definition imaging sensor cameras with onsite processing and inbuilt Artificial intelligence deep learning technologies to perform incident detection and classification in real traffic environment.

Er- AID outperforms traditional Video based incident detections and can provide many additional information and easy calibration tools for higher performance.

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