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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Saab Sensis to adapt NASA technology for US airports

US technology major Saab Sensis will help adapt NASA’s NextGen surface traffic management tools to improve capacities at overburdened US airports. The initiative is a part of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s NextGen effort to minimise current and future capacity constraints at airports in the country. As a part of the NextGen initiative, NASA is conducting research, and developing and testing decision-support tools (DST) for future deployment in the National Airspace System (NAS) to help air traffic controllers address capacity concerns. Saab Sensis will select three capacity constrained airports for the project after comparing factors such as taxi-out delays and scheduled departure with airport departure capacity and other features. It will also develop airport surface traffic scheduling techniques and the ability to merge real-world operational constraints for testing within the NASA’s surface operations simulator and scheduler (SOSS) tool. The company is expected to use its experience in surface traffic management modelling, simulation and Decision Support Tools (DST) to quickly adapt the use of the promising new tools which could serve as cost-effective solutions instead of capital intensive alternatives such as building more runways.

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