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Friday , 24 May 2024

Road marking Machine from Borum

With today’s high traffic density, completing the job quickly is a must. The change from push prams to bigger machines increases with the development of the road network as a natural step for faster marking. Push prams are suited for smaller jobs, parking lots and pedestrian crossings, but it is not an effective equipment for highway jobs.

To illustrate the difference in efficiency between a push pram and for a smaller self-propelled machine, here is an example for application of extruded thermoplastic lines: If the work demands to cover a 15cm wide line, 2mm high, then a self-propelled machine such as the BM 2700T with a material tank capacity of 360ltr, can do this at a speed of 5km/h and in just 13 minutes empty the tank, having made in total 1080m line. A push pram, on one tank filling (i.e., with a 70ltr capacity), working at a speed of around 3 km/h, will do 210m and empty the tank in five minutes. Then you need to take into consideration that it takes time to refill the material tank.

 The right equipment makes the marking of roads straightforward and it helps operators get the most out of the available working hours. In fact, reliable, well-designed road marking machines are the key to a smooth job.

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