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Friday , 23 February 2024

Rigid Retro-Reflective Delineator

3M India Limited has brought out a new Rigid Retro-Reflective Delineator that promises to redefine safety provided by delineators. The Type-1 Diamond Grade reflective sheeting used in the delineator gives the product very high reflectivity. Its large reflective area of 235sqcm and the red-white colour combination ensures that the delineator is visible during day and night. It is lightweight, yet robust due to the injection moulded, impact resistant thermoplastic body and durable plastic outer sleeve. The powder-coated, painted and serrated mild steel used in the core gives the delineator corrosion resistance and increases its impact strength. A high coefficient of retro-reflection ensures that the delineator is visible over long distances and wide angles. Its special two-part construction prevents stealing, vandalism and pilferage of the reflective sheeting.

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