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Saturday , 13 July 2024

Research on alternative fuels and energies

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energies is coordinating with different academic institutions to develop new and renewable energy technologies like fuel cell, hydrogen and alternative fuels. The Ministry is supporting research projects at academic institutions, research & development organizations and private companies engaged in such research. About 40 such research projects are being implemented: production of hydrogen using different methods – fermentation of biological wastes, using solar energy to split water, decomposition of hydrogen sulphide and reformation of biomass derived glycerol & gasification of biomass; storage of hydrogen in hydrides, carbon materials & liquid organic hydrides; development and demonstration of engines/vehicles for use of hydrogen and hydrogen blended fuels; development of fuel cells including materials and components; development and demonstration of battery operated vehicles; and on different aspects of production of biofuels from the second generation feed-stocks such as ligno-cellulosic wastes and residues.

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