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Sunday , 3 March 2024


Pioneer Plastic Moulders Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer and exporter for plastic and rubber moulded traffic safety products, makes reflectors that are skillfully designed to give maximum reflection and enhance visibility of vehicles during night and bad light conditions. The highly reflective product gives drivers early warning of dividers, guard railings and other obstacles on the road. The reflectors are fixed to the base plate using ultrasonic welding method which protects the inner reflecting surface from dust, water and humidity, giving them long life. They do not get discoloured because of the UV stabilizer used in their making. Available in different sizes, these reflectors can be used on rear and front side of all types of vehicles, road surfaces, road signs, road barriers and other roadside infrastructure.

Pioneer Plastic Moulders also makes Safety LED Batons that are battery operated light weight safety devices, made of ABS and extruded poly carbonate material. These help in controlling traffic during night time. They have blinking LEDs which emit a highly visible signal from a long distance for guiding motorists. The Safety Batons have a two-way switch provided for blinking and static light.

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