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Thursday , 30 May 2024

Reflective Thermoplastic Road Markings

Because of high visibility, Reflective Thermoplastic Road Markings (TRM) from Radha Road Maintenance Pvt Ltd are best suited for use on city roads, and runways and taxiways in airports. They conform to the Ministry of Surface Road Transport specifications M.O.S.T 803.4 and British Standards B.S. 3262. The markings are available in a variety of options: White reflective, yellow reflective raised profile marking (vibraline) and cold plastic paint ready-mix paint TRM applicators. The company advises using TRM with thermoplastic screed application prams and motorised marking machines. The recommended coverage for use is 5kg/m2 with a thickness of 2.5mm. Use of a suitable primer is advised when the TRM is applied to concrete surfaces. TRM is usually supplied in aggregate form, packed in 25kg pp/ldpe bags. They can also be supplied in customised bag sizes.

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