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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Reflective Solutions

Avery Dennison’s highway and street safety solutions technology have been making streets and highways brighter with prismatic signs since 1924. It offers a comprehensive range of reflective sheeting that is engineered with omnidirectional performance allowing for maximum reflectivity from every angle. Amandeep Singh, Business Head – Reflective Solutions, South Asia explains the need for reflective solution for the Indian market.

India is growing at a very fast pace with its high focus on development of its road infrastructure. With the second largest road network in the world, India has immense layers of opportunities to be unravelled still and need for effective reflective solutions is vital. US based Avery Dennison, with its growing team and the widest retro reflective sheeting product range, is well positioned and prepared to address this opportunity.

Avery Dennison has acted as a platform with reliable solutions for its customers in various segments of traffic and work zone, vehicle and personal safety across the globe. The company’s products include retro reflective sheeting, conspicuity tapes, raised pavement markers/ cats eyes, median markers and reflective material for safety vests & car license plates.

The products, manufactured in the US, meet the requisite ASTM quality and performance standards along with other European standards which in turn serve as the guidelines for the specifications in India. The reflective sheeting’s are engineered with Omnidirectional performance allowing for maximum reflectivity from every angle.

The need for Reflective Solutions

The reflective on the roads either in the form of signages or accessories like delineators, road pavement markers, median markers, conspicuity tapes etc are critical for safety. These products and its applications hold equal importance as the quality of the road itself. Focus on increasing awareness on safety is bringing in more stringent guidelines and newer opportunities for reflective solution manufacturers. The reflective market is likely to grow exponentially in the years to come looking at the vigorous infrastructure expansion plans of the government.

Reflective safety sheeting is at least as important, if not more important, as a good road. It performs the basic function of giving information to drivers and the critical function of keeping the road users safe. Using the right kind of materials at the right places is extremely important to ensure that the safety of the road users is not compromised with. In the real world, there are various factors on the road such as dust, vehicle emissions, inclement weather and vandalism. Reflective signs with higher degree of reflectivity provide a greater margin of safety for drivers, thereby reducing the chances of accidents.

The reflective sheeting are omnidirectional which means they can be cut and used in any orientation without affecting the overall reflectivity of the sign or of the legends on it. This feature improves the overall sign performance by providing uniformity over the entire surface.

The traffic and safety products from Avery Dennison are as per the latest standards laid down by ASTM D4956, Indian Roads Congress (IRC 67:2010) and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). The CT products are approved by various Original Equipment Manufacturers like Tata Motors & Ashok Leyland and Regional Transport Authorities. These conform to AIS- 090 standards and have been tested and approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Car License Plates (CLP) is another area where Avery Dennison has emerged as a successful player in the market. Its product L-3050 which is reflective sheeting for License plates (HSRP) with enclosed lens Retroreflective material has been used in different states in India. This material finds its application on High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) in which numbers and alphabets are embossed on 1mm thick aluminum plate having reflective sheeting on top of it.

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