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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Rajdeep Info Techno
Offering advanced solutions for Traffic Monitoring

“We are currently managing almost 2200 toll lanes and 250km highways under ATMS” Harish Shukla, CMO, Rajdeep Info Techno Pvt Ltd.

As the Highways continue to develop, the scale of traffic monitoring operations has also grown. The data collected through monitoring equipment needs reliable system backbone

With the development of new technologies like Hybrid ETC (Fast Tag), MSWIM, Video Incident Detection, ANPR, etc and deployment of these in toll plazas have brought in better reliability in toll management system. Induction of several methods of toll payment like smart/credit/ debit cards, payment wallets, RFID tags, etc has brought convenience to the road users.

Apart from the convenience to road users at Toll Plazas what equally important is the convenience to them on the unmanned stretch. Rajdeep Info Techno’s advanced solutions in ATMS platform (Enterprise Application) gather data from roadside equipment to improve the communication to the users for smooth traffic movement and enable timely alternate actions to complicated situations like accidents, jams, natural calamities, etc. The real-time data is gathered from the traffic detection procedure i.e., TTES, ATCC, Mobiles, VIDS, etc which flows into TMCC (Traffic Management Control Center) while improving traffic flow and reducing losses relating to time, fuel, etc. Gathered data is transmitted to the road users in the real-time via various ways like VMS, Radio channels, mobile apps, etc.

Rajdeep has in-house technologies/ solutions for Toll Management and Highway Traffic Management products i.e., AVCC (Profiler base), MSWIM (Bending plate), Vehicle Separator, RFID Readers, Emergency Call Box (ECB), Travel Time Estimation (TTES), Video Incident Detection (VIDS) etc.

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