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Wednesday , 17 April 2024

PTV Integrating Traffic Management System

Real-time traffic management with PTV Optima

The real-time traffic management software, PTV Optima, combines real-time data with a model-based approach for a detailed analysis of the current traffic state and a comprehensive forecast for a period of up to an hour. The system detects incidents at an early stage and helps operators work out a response plan to reduce negative impacts on the traffic flow. Based on the analysis and prediction of PTV Optima, Taichung City can now provide motorists at the Daya interchange with alternative route guidance published on variable message signs. As the real-time traffic management software calculates the rerouting effects on the entire network area, drivers always receive reliable recommendations and know which alternative path they should take to access Freeway 1 and Expressway 74. “We are pleased to be the first system integration partner to introduce PTV Optima and PTV Balance in Asia. This is also the first project for our telecom operators to promote an ITS solution. We will expand the use of mobile big data as a new data source for intelligent transportation services in smart cities“, says Kevin Yeh, Director at FET.

Adaptive signal control with PTV Balance

At six intersections in the Daya Region, the city installed the dynamic signal timing solution, PTV Balance to optimise signal control. Based on the data input provided by the detectors placed along the road network, the software identifies any changes in the transport patterns and reacts to what is happening on the road. As a modelbased control system, PTV Balance even goes one step further by automatically designing a range of signal control options and sending the optimised signal plans to the local controllers in a 5mins interval. This way, Taichung City coordinates ramp metering in the Daya Region and reduces the overall travel delay for motorists.

Improving network efficiency with technology

“The implementation of PTV Optima and PTV Balance aims to optimise capacity and efficiency of the road network“, says Omid Ejtemai, Managing Director of PTV Asia-Pacific. “The goal is to predict traffic conditions, provide real-time information to travellers and in case of disruptions, help divert traffic and offer alternative routes.” During the five-month project phase from October 2017 until February 2018, PTV Optima and PTV Balance have enhanced the network capacity, so that drivers can reach their destinations faster and more conveniently. In detail, PTV technology has reduced the areawide average travel time by 9.4%, improved average traffic speed by 8.4% and increased the throughput rate by 7.6%.

Verena Hochrein
Marketing & Communications Manager,
PTV Group

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