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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Providing Safety Solutions

Muskaan Safety Solutions, under the brand name Dark Eye, provides expert services in the field of research, design, development, manufacture, marketing and installation of safety products. G S Bhandari, General Manager, Muskaan Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd speaks about expansion plans, awareness level and growing market for safety products.

The different types of products that haveoffered by Muskaan Safety and the improvements been incorporated?

We are manufacturing a wide range of Road Safety Products under brand name Dark Eye. These products are proven by performance and world class in terms of quality and meet international standards of manufacturing. We started this road safety item manufacturing unit around 20 years ago in technical collaboration with Korea. Right from manufacturing of Heavy Duty Solar Road Studs, Solar Delineators, Solar Blinkers, Road Safety Cones, Spring Posts, Delineators, Heavy Duty Road Studs, Road Markers, Rear Reflectors in so many shapes and sizes, we are always working on further modifications of our old model safety items too. We have the privilege to say that we have introduced for the first time in India, products like Plastic Speed Bumps, Safety Bollards and Spring Post. As the awareness of the products is increasing day by day, our research and development teams are working on the improvements and also launching new products periodically. Some very useful products are under development and may be launched soon.

How have the safety products ben evolved in India over the years? How have the market been growing?

Since the Indian Government in 1999 took very large scale initiatives to provide world class roads across India and thus increasing the speed of vehicular traffic and road users, the need and awareness of the road safety products spread all across the country. It has now become mandatory to provide road safety devices before opening the road for vehicular traffic. Thus, the demand of proven quality products is increasing day by day. National Highways, State Highways, rural and urban roads, municipal roads now have various road safety devices.

Special features of Dark eye brand of safety products.

Before introducing a Dark Eye product in the market, we go through multi-dimensional test procedures. We send the products for testing to renowned laboratories and obtain the Certificates. Dark Eye Products are tough, durable and of assured quality.

New products to be launched?

Our R & D Department is already working on so many products yet to be launched. As per our innovation policy, we are already working on best quality solar road studs with cost effective range for making Stop Lines on cross roads. As of now, the solar studs are made for use at edges of the roads only. We are working on Centre Verge Divider for division of roads having less width and heavy flow of vehicular traffic and also long spanned curves.

What is the awareness levels for road safety products in our country?

Definitely the awareness has increased. Still, a lot more has to be done and the trend should be continued. People now realize the importance of safety, which is good. It will also be relevant to mention here that Government of India should insist on proven designs & quality of the road safety products and should work on standardization of the products being installed. We need specifications for good quality products to attain uniformity. We need standard safety products on roads and to discourage the cheap and inferior quality products.

Dark Eye products are used in industrial and commercial establishments. How do you plan to expand your market reach?

Being the leader in the road safety market in India, Dark Eye already has a strong presence all over the country. Police, Defense, PWD, PSUs, Institutions, Private Colonies and Road Construction Companies are giving us full support and our products are first choice for them. Expansion is a natural phenomenon and we are confident. We shall continue to provide world class products for people’s safety on roads.


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