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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Prefabricated Shelters and HDPE Pipes

Time Technoplast Ltd makes a wide range of Automotive Components and Infrastructure Products including Prefabricated Shelters, Road Barriers, High-Pressure HDPE pipes, 3S Rain Flaps, De-aeration Tanks / Radiator Tanks, Fuel Tanks and Air Ducts. These products cater to the automotive industry and infrastructure businesses such as water supply management, irrigation, sewerage & drainage systems, effluent treatment plants / sewerage treatment plants, desalination & irrigation, offshore & industrial piping and telecommunications & power cable ducting. The HDPE Pipes range from 20mm to 1400mm diameter and conform to various Indian and international standards. FAST TRAC Prefab Shelters are fabricated from PVC panels filled with cement concrete with a unique tongue-and-groove design which ensures hassle-free joints for walls, trusses, purling and columns made of MS rolled / hollow sections. They are available in both standard and custom built sizes. The Prefab Shelters find wide applications such as site offices, security cabins, mobile shelters, and health centres.

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