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Thursday , 13 June 2024

Portable and Solar Variable Message Signs

Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS) by Data Signs Pty Ltd, Australia can be used to make a real difference in road utilisation through on-the-spot driver education & coordination and in lowering the road toll.

The PVMS is solar-powered and uses an on-board 12V maintenance-free battery array for night use. It can be deployed quickly and easily which is particularly useful where drivers need to be advised to take alternate actions such as following a detour. It is also used to alert the drivers about upcoming/current events such as lane closures or an accident ahead. The wide-angle and low-power LEDs on these electronic Signs provide greater visibility even as vehicles travel towards and past the message display. In low light conditions, the PVMS automatically dims the light output for readability at night. The PVMS is fitted with a SIM card and communicates via the Internet. Therefore, where-ever a PVMS is deployed the operator has the ability to remotely update the PVMS with new display messages instantly. This flexibility helps in adapting the messages to changing traffic and/or environmental conditions. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) capabilities are in-built allowing the PVMS to be used as part of a complete traffic management system. It can be readily integrated or adapted to ITS as and where required.

For drivers with low literacy, the full graphics-matrix display allows for symbols and pictures to be used as well as text to reinforce safety and road-utilisation messages. A PVMS displaying a diagram such as trucks on the left and cars on the right would educate truck drivers. Lack of tail-lights on many trucks, a safety concern, too can be addressed through PVMS. The use of short, quick messages with diagrams on the PVMS educate drivers, causing fewer accidents and less congestion.

(In India, Data Signs is represented by Masstrans Systems (P) Ltd)

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