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Tuesday , 14 May 2024

Plan for setting up highway facilities

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and the National Highways Authority of India have entrusted Indian Highway Management Company with the development and management of passenger friendly amenities along the highways. The project will be developed on the public-private partnership model, with the government offering land to private developers for 30 years on lease. The Government has already identified 39 spots. The facilities include parking, restaurants, low-cost eateries (dhabas), telephone booths, Wi-Fi, automated teller machines (ATMs), fuel stations, rest rooms, dormitories, repair shops, chemist shops, and handicraft shops, among others. The Ministry has announced that 300 truck terminals are planned along the highways.

The government’s plan is to provide washrooms, drinking water and multi-utility shops every 25km and rest areas for drivers, bathing areas, restaurants, big multi-utility shops and adequate parking facilities at every 50km.

The proposed project will have separate facilities for car/bus passengers and truck drivers to cater to their diverse requirements. The bids for setting up wayside amenities would start from this month.

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