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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Parking Management and Zero Contact Parking

Vishal Mehra, VP & Director, iRAM Technologies.

Zero-Contact Parking is going to be the new normal. Parking will drastically change to morph into something we have previously not seen before and apart from addressing social distancing concerns, it comes with tremendous benefits for parking owners as well as commuters, states Vishal Mehra, VP & Director, iRAM Technologies.

The onset of Covid-19 has brought about a shift in the way most businesses function today. Suddenly there are implications for how best to manage and operate car parks in India. As parking operations management in India is predominantly attendant based with limited technology intervention, there are various touch points in the whole transaction from entry to exit. Apart from that exchange of paper tickets and currency could be one big concern for commuters. As India opens up gradually, it is indicated that there will be an increase in parking occupancy as people may prefer to commute by private vehicles. This trend may continue for some time.

While business and organisations are preparing themselves on various fronts like sanitisation, temperature monitoring, it becomes an utmost responsibility of parking owners to build and provide hands free parking experience.

Amidst this, Zero-contact Cloud Parking solutions can pave as an efficient element to fully transform parking management and operations. It can be easily deployed in Malls, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Schools, Residential Localities, Metro Parking’s etc. without doing away with existing access control hardware or existing layout plans. ZeroContact parking is powered through an exhaustive cloud delivered Parking Management & Guidance System so parking owners need not to invest in new software which will be available on pay as you go basis. This reduces deployment timelines. Back end GUI and commuter mobile application can be customized in no time. The platform providers are going to be hardware (boom barriers, cameras, MPOS, QR Code scanners etc.) agnostic and will either integrate with existing hardware or parking owners can buy an open architecture hardware on their own.

Parking owners will see happy commuters, new value, reduced management & increased productivity. On the other hand, through customized mobile applications commuters will enjoy advance parking availability information, pre-reserved parking slots, digital payments and other advanced features like AI enabled express entry & exit and personalized welcome & exit experience. Zero – Contact parking will help us save on carbon footprints by reducing entry and exit timing significantly

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