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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Park & Smile

Sameer Chikate

Sameer Chikate, Business Head – Sales, KLAUS Multiparking India, answers a few questions from TraffiicInfraTech. The company has its expertise in multilevel parking solutions and has been bringing in technological innovations. How does multiparking System facilitate the motorists in navigating the parking space?


The expansion of metropolitan cities in India has resulted in the increased number of Vehicles. But unfortunately the parking space has remained constant or rather reduced. Vehicles continue to outnumber existing parking spaces, thus clogging roads. Now, the rising demand for parking space has turned out to be the next big problem after traffic congestion in the current urbanization.

A solution to this problem could be smartly tackled by providing an effective technology based solution like multi parking systems. With a multilevel parking system, there is the possibility to go up to a maximum of six parking pallets in the footprint of one parking space which can free up a lot of space for amenities.

Apart from the space constraint, cars parked in a system are also safe from theft or damage as compared to parking on a street outside your home and office. And users do not need to drive around for several minutes to find a parking spot, thereby reducing fuel consumption and having a net positive effect on the environment as well.

Klaus does come out with innovative solutions. User-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems which guide the user while storing and parking the cars in automatic car parking systems is one such new technology. With new normal in place Klaus has its team engaged in moving towards touchless operations of parking systems.

What are your product offerings under the Multiparking System?

Multilevel parking systems can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. The car needs to be driven to an entry point where the driver /passengers exit the car. It is then moved in an automatic or semi-automatic way to its assigned space. Klaus Multiparking has a multitude of parking systems specially designed for every need.

Dependent Stack Parking System provides dependent parking spaces. In this parking system, the access to the above parking space is possible only after removal of the car below.

In Puzzle Parking System, parking spaces are arranged in maximum three different levels; one level above the ground, one on ground and the third in the pit. There are multiple combinations available considering the architectural and constructional constraints.

Fully Automatic Parking System is a completely automatic system which requires no human assistance other than entering the car at parking room. It is the pallet-based system where car is parked inside the storage system.

How do you look at the future of multiparking system in India?

It is a welcome move that the government has finally brought parking spaces under the law. With the implementation of RERA Act & New Development plans (DP’s) by local governing authorities, it is now mandatory to provide parking spaces in the new constructions. India is growing economically and technologically. There are also a lot of new car variants entering the market, which many people aspire to buy.

Keeping this growth in real estate as well as the automotive industry in mind a multiparking system will be seen as a technology very much in demand and a solution acceptable to its customers. This technology will ensure optimal utilization of the limited space and will try to ease the parking woes. In addition these multiparking systems will be fast, safe and user friendly.

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