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Tuesday , 9 April 2024

P25 VMS (SMD Full Colour VMS) From Softstar ITS

  1. Solar-Powered Brilliance with Solar VMS:

Integrating solar technology, our Solar VMS enhances sustainability, providing an alternative power source for greener and efficient solutions.

  1. Smart Light Control Technology:

Employing LOB tech, it directs light precisely, reducing waste and pollution for an eco-friendly lighting solution.

  1. Energy Efficiency with D Series LOB Display:

The D series LOB display is an energy champion, cutting power bills by 80% compared to regular LED screens.

  1. Reliable Power Delivery:

Our top-notch secondary power supply technology ensures safe, reliable operation, running on low voltage for added security and efficiency.

  1. Streamlined Maintenance:

We prioritize convenience by combining power and signal cables into one, simplifying maintenance tasks for operational ease.

  • Solar Power VMS No External Power Required
  • Brightness 5500 to 12000
  • Visibility up to 300 meters
  • NTCIP Protocol Support
  • CE-EN & BIS Certified
  • Lens Protection
  • GI, MS & Aluminium Body
  • Surge Protection
  • Customized Size

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