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Friday , 23 February 2024

Omnitec Systems India Pvt Ltd

Parking Management System
An intelligent, and environment-and-user-friendly parking management system for free and paid parking at airports, industrial installations and residential areas. Consists of entry and exit gate barriers, ticket dispensing machine, cash payment machine, access control card and card readers. The system can be programmed depending on particular parking requirements.


Parking Guidance System
A dynamic parking solution which helps identify vacant and occupied car spaces within controlled areas by using a variable message sign and light sensor device. Green light indicates vacant space, red light indicates occupied space. Parking sensors installed above parking spaces in the designated area. A combined solution for traffic monitoring, communication and parking guidance which reduces time and traffic congestion when searching for empty car space.


On-Street Parking System
Consists of on-street payment parking machines that enable motorists to pay parking charges quickly instead of waiting in queues. Cash (bank notes, coins), credit cards and mobile phones accepted for payment. Tariff plans and displays can be customised. Parking machines able to withstand extreme temperatures due to special heat shield. Maintenance staff just needs a key and an identification card to operate without using any special tools or skills. Can be powered with mains electricity, solar power or by street lighting.

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