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Friday , 19 April 2024

New driving support system from Toyota

Toyota Motors has developed Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA) system ? a new driving support system combining two automated driving technologies to enable safe highway driving. AHDA integrates two technologies: Cooperative-Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Trace Control.

The former uses the 700-MHz band to wirelessly communicate with preceding vehicles through vehicle-to-vehicle ITS communications. This allows the following vehicles to adjust their speeds accordingly in order to maintain safe inter-vehicle distance. Unnecessary acceleration and deceleration are reduced while fuel efficiency is improved and traffic congestion is reduced. Lane Trace Control adjusts the vehicle?s steering angle, driving torque and braking force when required in order to maintain the optimal line within the driving lane. It uses high-performance cameras, a millimetre-wave radar and control software to achieve this goal. The new AHDA system was tested on the Shuto Expressway near the Tokyo metropolitan area in October, and exhibited at the recent Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Tokyo.

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