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Wednesday , 17 April 2024

Nagpur Smart City Improving the quality of life

Dr Ramnath Sonawane, CEO, Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation answers a few questions from TrafficInfraTech

You had recently stated that you want Nagpur to be mapped as an eco-friendly and all-inclusive smart city. What are the plans leading to this vision?

The Smart City proposal sought to develop Nagpur a truly inclusive city by removing the dichotomous growth and enhance the city’s profile by improving the quality of life in vulnerable areas to bring them at par with the rest of the city, through implementation of Town Planning Scheme (TPS) based on the principle of retrofitting in Area Based Development (ABD) area; Pardi-Bharatwada-Punapur and Bhandewadi areas. The program will regularize and resolve the land use conflicts.

The unique intervention will also positively influence the quality of life of around 1,15,000 existing and future inhabitants of the area.

Similar principle will be replicated in the other parts of Nagpur in due course.

Under the Smart City programme, you will be focusing on area-based development and also pancity development. Can you give more details?

Yes. In Area Based Development (ABD) area, NSSCDCL is developing infrastructure projects including Utilities, Housing, Public Market Place, Multi-level Car Parking, School, Hospital and Skill Development Centre.

Under Pan City Solution, Nagpur Safe and Smart City Project is implemented. The project comprises of following components:

Control Centers; City Operation Centre and Command Control Centre
• Optical Fiber Network
City Surveillance at important junctions
• City Wi-Fi
• City Kiosk
• Smart Strip of 5.5 kms including Smart Bus stops, Smart Traffic, Smart Environment, Smart Lights, Smart Environment and ICT based Solid Waste Management.

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