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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Mumbai, world’s noisiest city

Mumbai has been declared the world’s noisiest city according to the results of a survey conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board. Major factors contributing to noise pollution in Mumbai are the indiscriminate honking of the vehicles, the booming construction projects all over the city and bursting of firecrackers during festivals. The drivers of auto rickshaws and taxis are the worst offenders in case of honking. Around five lakh vehicles use the city roads every day, out of which 1.1 lakh are auto rickshaws and 55,000 are taxis. The sound decibel levels at the intersections are found to be very high. Anti-noise pollution activists have proposed a comprehensive noise mapping of the city to tackle the problem. At present the National Noise Monitoring Board, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and a few NGOs supply data on noise pollution but there is insufficient information on noise levels in all the city areas. Noise maps are produced normally by computational and simulation models and not by direct measurement of noise levels. These maps can be used to predict noise levels due to the construction of new infrastructure facilities such as the addition of a new road in an area. Accordingly, appropriate mitigation measures can be taken.

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