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Friday , 14 June 2024

MoRTH uses Google hangout

The Minister for Road Transport & Highways Dr C P Joshi recently interacted with people via Google hangout. The minister answered queries on a wide variety of topics, ranging from road safety and toll collection to traffic management. Some of the questions were on the measures the ministry was taking to prepare a comprehensive database, like the ones in the US, Europe and Australia, to help identify causes of accidents, issue of a centralised prepaid toll card, use of automated accident detection systems, use of florescent strips on vehicles, carrying out traffic studies in cooperation with educational institutes, software to record road accidents, creation of more first responders and trauma care centres, speed governors on all vehicles and tightening standards for the issue of driving licences. A centralised toll card minimises toll collections efforts, difficulties encountered in managing small change and fuel consumption by vehicles. It also links all vehicles and drivers to one central system so that when drivers go to different states they do not have to prove their identity. The Automated Accident Detection System helps in determining accident prone zones, avoiding fake calls and making emergency calls to help rescue teams to reach the accident site immediately after an accident.

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