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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ? DS-8100HMFI-T from HIKVision Systems is a mobile video recorder that is used in transportation surveillance and conforms to ISO 16750 standards. It is capable of accommodating up to 12-channel video input and does not have the problems of constant vibration and unstable power supply. Therefore the DS-8100HMFI-T is suitable for use in trains and other large vehicles. Additionally, it also offers users the benefit of 3G/WI-FI data transmission of such important parameters such as location, brake signals and speed according to the user?s choice. The patented hard-disk vibration reduction technology effectively keeps the device running stably even when in constant motion. It can withstand shocks and vibrations up to a value of 50G which ensures that constant vibration does not damage the device. A built-in redundant power supply starts whenever the mains power supply stops, and allows the system to have sufficient time to shutdown normally to avoid data loss and damage to the disks. Moreover, dust prevention, humidity and heat dissipation have also been well considered in designing since the product is generally installed in confined spaces and compartments.

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