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Thursday , 18 July 2024

Mobile Enforcement Radars

REDFLEXradarcam from Redflex is a flexible mobile speed enforcement radar designed for both tripod and in-vehicle mounting applications in all conditions. It is the first speed enforcement system to use dual radar technology to provide detection accuracy across up to six lanes of approaching or receding traffic. The speed radar accurately determines vehicle speed, while the tracking radar provides range and target information, to supply accurate speed, lane and vehicle position identification. This technology eliminates the usual radar anomalies and allows the system to operate where traditional single radar-based camera systems fail. It provides positive vehicle identification, and when multiple vehicles are in the same image, a marker will indicate the offending vehicle, confirming its class and lane. Available with a high resolution colour or monochrome 11 megapixel camera and with a choice of three lenses and visible or infrared illumination for 24/7 operation, REDFLEXradarcam accurately captures offence images. The system incorporates an optional touch-screen interface for real-time feedback, together with an optional global positioning system receiver (GPS) for location tracking and accurate time synchronisation.

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