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Friday , 19 April 2024

MetroCount Traffic Monitoring Solutions

Recognised for 30 years as the world leader in traffic monitoring solutions, MetroCount helps inform safer and more efficient road, cycleway and pedestrian infrastructure globally.

Specialising in highly accurate, reliable and low powered automatic traffic counters and classifiers (ATCC), MetroCount is also trusted with remote data delivery and statistical traffic analysis in 120 countries.

In India, MetroCount systems are used by traffic engineers, the Ministry of Road Transport  Highways, and the NHAI to measure the effectiveness of educational driving campaigns, improve road safety, inform infrastructure design and predict road maintenance requirements. MetroCount’s Traffic solutions will be showcased in Trafficinfratech Expo 2021.


RoadPod® VT
The world’s most trusted portable ATCC

The RoadPod® VT counter and classifier uses two pneumatic tube sensors to time stamp every individual vehicle axle, accurately recording volumes, speed, class, direction, traffic gap and much more.

The RoadPod VT is an economical, secure and accurate solution to collect traffic data. Easy to install and replace, it detects consistently under extreme weather conditions with minimal-to-no maintenance. Free analysis software and an expected working life of well over 10 years makes the RoadPod VT the world’s favourite portable ATCC.

Metro2RoadPod® VT4
Four-tube ATCC for monitoring highways

MetroCount’s new four-tube ATCC solves the age-long problem of how to monitor two or more unidirectional traffic lanes without a central median or refuge island. The system works the same as the RoadPod VT, however uses four pneumatic tubes to simultaneously collect data from two traffic lanes, providing two unique datasets. The

Metro4Remote Access Link

Connect to any ATCC remotely Avoid time-consuming site visits or having to repeat traffic surveys due to delays in diagnosing issues.

The Remote Access Link connects to MetroCount ATCCs and securely transmits sensor diagnostics and traffic data to any computer running MetroCount Traffic Executive software via a mobile network.

RoadPod® VLMetro3
Continuous monitoring with inductive loops

The RoadPod® VL uses permanently embedded inductive loop sensors to detect when vehicles pass through the inductive field of a traffic lane. This creates an economical and efficient solution for permanently monitoring a one-lane road or a busy sixteen-lane highway.

The RoadPod VL is powered by a solar panel and off-grid, dual battery system, allowing for continuous data collection in all weather and lighting conditions. The ATCC can be easily retrofitted to existing loop sensors and requires minimal to no maintenance.

Metro5RidePod® Active Transport Monitoring
Bicycle, scooter and pedestrian ATCCs

For short-term surveys, the RidePod® BT collects bicycle and e-scooter data using specially designed pneumatic tubes. Quick and easy installation, reliable hardware, data accuracy and full user ownership, makes it the best portable monitoring solution for understanding active transportation. The permanent RidePod® BP counter is the only solution on the market that simultaneously collects data on pedestrians, e-scooters and bicycles 24/7. Together with MetroCount’s free software, seasonal trend analysis and year-to-year comparisons are quick and easy

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