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Monday , 22 July 2024

Maharashtra to go for tamper-proof HSRP

In a recent development, the Government of Maharashtra has set up a 10-member Scrutiny Committee that will ensure vehicles one fitted with High Security Registration Plates. This will help curbing vehicle thefts. The terms and conditions for the tenders for the purpose will be set by the Committee. While a few states had implemented the Supreme Court instructions that made special plates mandatory for all vehicles, Maharashtra is yet to do it. A contractor will be appointed, who will, in the presence of RTO officers, fix the plates on the front and rear and a sticker on the windscreen.

These special plates are made of aluminium and have retro-reflective film with verification inscription India, hot-stamped letter IND in blue, chromium-based Ashok Chakra hologram and a seven-digit unique serial number to avoid duplication. They will also have a snap lock, which is near impossible to tamper or remove.

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