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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Maha Metro: The Digital Twins

Since Metro project operations span for 30 to 35 years, Maha Metro has taken a proactive step well in advance during the construction stage, and defined a comprehensive solution to extend the information gathered during the construction phase

A recent survey reported that infrastructure projects in India face nearly 20% cost overrun and 50-60% time overrun. Specifically, projects like Metro normally take 5-10 years for completion because of procedural formalities, technical and financial requirements. If the risks involved in these projects are not identified, and controlled well in time, it will lead to huge time and cost overrun. To deal with such complexities, and ensure early completion, thereby reducing cost overruns, Maha Metro decided to implement an innovative digital platform.

In line with the global best practices, Maha Metro has adopted a pioneering approach for the first time in India. The authority created a digital project management platform using 5-Dimensional Building Information Modelling (5D BIM) integrated with SAP ERP supported by Owner’s Support Office (OSO) which is a dedicated team responsible for efficient utilisation of the digital project management platform.

Saving Cost and Time

In an interaction with Traffic Infratech, Dr Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation explains the importance of digital platform. He says, “The digital platform covers all stages of a Metro project that includes designing, planning, construction, handover, commissioning, operations and maintenance till closure. The platform helps to visualise the project virtually and monitor efficiently using 5D (intelligent 3D drawings with time as 4th dimension and cost as 5th dimension) which in turn help in mitigating various risk factors. The platform is already implemented, covering the entire ecosystem, and our teams have been benefitting out of it.”

Maha Metro decided to implement an innovative digital platform for efficient monitoring and operations of Metro rail projects

Dr Brijesh Dixit

Dixit informs that the digital platform is extended for all Maha Metro’s existing and upcoming projects, thus utilising the potential and benefits to the fullest. According to Dixit, with the help of digital management, Maha Metro has saved 12% of the project cost w.r.t logistics, travel and man-days. In case of Nagpur Metro, it has achieved a reduction in overhead costs from 5% to 3.5%. Interestingly, while other metro projects opting for a 10.5-m (meter) viaduct, Nagpur Metro opted for 8.5-m viaduct, saving around $18 million. Besides, Maha Metro saved around 8.5% on detailed project report of the project cost and around $60,000 on Metro Bhavan HQ, due to early detection of quantity overrun through the BIM model. What’s more! Due to the optimal design of sheds, stabling lines, inspection bay lines and repair bay lines, MMRC has saved around $15 million avoiding delays through BIM mode planning.

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