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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

License Plate Recognition

Artificial Intelligence has been transforming computer vision methodologies to deliver more reliable and effective solutions for License Plate Recognition (LPR). Vandi offers Deep Learning based LPR technology on its dedicated edge appliances, optimizing network bandwidth usage and reducing backend processing.

• Embedded Intelligence
• Integrated Edge Storage
• HD Video Streaming
• Open Architecture
• LPR on-board

The innovative VANDiWare solution has been specifically conceived and designed to perform the essential functionalities based on the ITS requirements and ensuring protection of critical infrastructure facilities – allowing easy setup and simple installation. Powered with embedded AI- LPR analytics, Vandi LPR appliance detect vehicles and recognize license plates with highest accuracy.

Designed with open architecture and better computing power, VANDI LPR Appliance offers additional functionalities beyond LPR, that provides complete solution seamlessly – saving time, cost and space enabling better scalability and complex integrations.

VANDiWare allows users to have authenticated access to the integrated edge storage, provides HD Video Streaming, manages system parameters and defines automated response scenarios.

License Plate Recognition ( LPR/ANPR )
• Parking Entrance Management
• Toll Enforcement
• Traffic Monitoring
• Access Control
• Highway Monitoring
• Critical Infrastructure
• Electronic Weighbridge

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