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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Level Crossing Systems

Bodan Level Crossing System from Gmundner Fertigteile Ges. M.b.H. & Co. KG is a unique system which allows the level crossing to cope efficiently with the requirements of two quite different kinds of traffic and transport systems – one being the requirement of having elastic tracks for rail traffic and the other being the continuously changing demands of road traffic. It transfers heavy road traffic loads, dissipated over a large area, using frameless bridge like polymer concrete panels through the rail sleeper grid into the ballast bed. The road traffic loads acting on the panels are transferred elastically via rubber wedges onto the rail tracks so that the flexibility of the rail track is maintained over the level crossing area as well.

The Bodan level crossing system is independent of rail profile, ballast structure and sleeper type, and can be used for most types of rail tracks in use around the world. The system supports all kinds of loads – load class UC I used by heavy truck loads, load class UC II used by medium truck loads and load class UC III used by light traffic loads and pedestrians. It is quite economical as it does not require preparation of rails and sleepers, and the polymer concrete used in the panels has a long life. Also, the cost of dismantling and reinstalling the system is low and many of the items can be reused. It is safe because of its high electrical resistance and its panel surface which remains highly skid resistant even under wet conditions. The installation is quite quick because of the modular single panel system and prefabricated foundation, and causes minimum disruption of traffic due to the option of closing only one half of the crossing during maintenance.

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