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Thursday , 13 June 2024

KSRTC luxury buses to have fire-detection systems

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has decided to install Fire Detection and Suppression System in all its premium luxury buses.

The FDSS, popular in countries like Sweden and Israel, will be able to detect rise in temperature in the engine compartment, particularly in case of a fire or overheating.

Currently, all premium KSRTC buses have fire extinguishers, but they need to be manually operated and the process is time-consuming. FDSS will be able to douse a fire in 5-6 seconds and can protect our vehicles from fires caused from fuel, leakages or short circuits. The foam discharged through FDSS will create a film on top of the fuel surface, creating a vapour seal, thus preventing oxygen to the fuel surface. Foam will provide a cooling effect and aid in preventing re-ignition.

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