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Friday , 19 April 2024

Keltron:Keeping an Eye on Kerala Speedsters

Keltron – Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited – which provides latest traffic controllers and ITS Solutions for traffic management has implemented City Surveillance & Traffic Monitoring System (CS & TMS) and Automatic Traffic Enforcement systems like RLVDS- Red Light Violation Detection System & SVDS- Speed Violation Detection system in Kerala. Started in 2009, the City Surveillance project for the Kerala Police is in the fifth phase. Already five cities – Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Trichur and Calicut – have been covered under the project. The Automatic Traffic Enforcement project which Keltron is implementing in Kerala is also for the Kerala Police (on BOT basis) and Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) which has partnered with Kerala Road Safety Authority. The Automated Detection System developed by Keltron will automatically search capture and print charge memos for offenders fetching the addresses from the MVD vehicle database.

CCTV City Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring System for Kerala Police

The past few years have seen a phenomenal growth in the vehicle population in our country. Easy access to loans post-liberalization has made it possible for the common man to aspire to own the two/four wheeler of his dreams. Unfortunately, along with the vehicles, the number of tragic accidents has also shown a steady increase. Negligence and violation of traffic rules on the part of the drivers concerned have caused many of these avoidable accidents. Over speeding, jumping red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, violation of one ways and rash driving have become the order of the day. It’s not enough if we catch one or two lawbreakers. Drivers must be made to realize that they would not be able to get away with traffic violations. Systematic monitoring of traffic to catch the majority of the errant drivers and hand out stringent punishments is the only way to curb this menace.

The other issues faced by a city are criminal activities and destruction of public properties during agitation. In order to be effective, such monitoring has to be comprehensive to cover as much area as possible. Monitoring has to be:

Real time – to ensure that no events of importance are missed

Digital quality – so that modern processing techniques can be used

Archived – so that past events can be retrieved as desired and centrally monitored

Such a monitoring system would also have benefits not only in regulating day-to-day traffic from a central location, but also in cases of security alerts / terrorist threats in a particular locality under surveillance. Real-time central monitoring would bring any suspicious incidence to the notice of the authorities as soon as it occurs. Even in case something is missed, real-time recording would ensure that it could be retrieved as required at a future date. Keltron has implemented CS & TMS for Kerala Police Department at five cities of Kerala in four Phases from 2009 to 2013. It has already installed more than 700 cameras. Some of the features are:

• Uncompressed video data transmission over OFC for highest quality viewing

• Dedicated optic fiber cabling , SM mode, up to 20KM per fiber, Single fiber for up to 8 channels of video (uncompressed), lx data, lx audio

• Real time viewing options: 25fps @ Dl on all channels

• 36X optical zoom, Day & Night, outdoor Speed dome PTZ camera.

• Individual full screen viewing should be possible, on selection monitors.(up to 5 users independent viewing/ PTZ control)

• 26/32 inch LCD Monitor array for all cameras with Quad view per monitor, in real time)

• Flexibility in upgrades, all OFC cabling should have spare capacity for future expansion.

• Option to have multiple monitoring stations.

Fully Automatic Traffic Enforcement Projects implemented by Keltron

Speeding and signal jumping are two of the major causes of crashes, death and injuries on the state highways. Automated speed management systems are an important element in speed control and an effective counter measure to reduce crashes and accidents. To overcome the above issues facing the common motorist and pedestrians, Keltron has Traffic Management Solutions across the state with Over Speed Violation systems, Red Light violation systems and Traffic Surveillance systems at various critical junctions and highways.

For the Kerala Police, TMS is being planned along six major stretches in the state where accidents are a daily feature. The road stretches are Kovalam – Kottayam NH-16nos, Venjaramood – Chengannur SH- 26 nos, Sakthikulangara – Ambalappuzha NH – 18 nos, Alappuzha – Changanacherry built by KSPTA – 8 nos, Thrissur – Kuttipuram SH -18 nos, and Palakkad – Malappuram SH – 14 nos. This project is to be implemented in a time frame of nine months, and is expected to bring down the accidents by more than 60% in the initial year. The project is designed by Keltron with the Kerala Police as a BOT project. The project will be implemented in all respects by Keltron and the returns would be from the revenue generated by this implementation over a period of 18 months. The project would then be handed over to the Police for future monitoring and upkeep.

For the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), Keltron has completed two projects Cherthala- Mannuthy NH 47 stretch-65 Systems and Mannuthy- Manjeswaram NH 47 Stretch- 94 Systems.

On Over Speed enforcement system, ANPR camera captures vehicle image / License plate number based on trigger from Radar sensor / inductive loop with time stamp and speed information. Evidence camera captures minimum two images of the vehicle moving on the road. System works even up to 250km/hour.

Red light violation detection system uses advanced video analytics / inductive loop to detect and capture images / license number of all types of vehicles violating red light signal. Evidence camera captures images of the vehicle on the road along with the traffic signal light.

General Features of the System:

• Automatic/Unmanned capture of violations including number plate of vehicles, 24×7 operation

• Local storage of violation in case control room is not online

• Meets court room evidence requirements

• Day and Night Operation, with Flash at Night

• Capable of capturing two wheeler number plates clearly, even for 2-3 lanes

• Mega Pixel camera for license plate capture

• High speed shutter operation to capture even number plates of vehicles moving at high speed.

• Totally embedded field solution, Non PC based solution

• Anti-tamper alarm

• Multiple lane support

• Combo operation should be possible: Red light violation under Red light ON conditions, and

• Over speed detection during Red light off conditions (when installed at suitable junctions)

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