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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

J&K to implement RLVD system

Jammu and Kashmir authorities have decided to install Red Light Violation Detection System to manage the traffic and nab violators. The new system would detect the violators automatically if someone jumps a red light and generate e-challan. The system would consist of camera-mounted sensors for better detection of traffic violations, which would relay the data to the central control room managed by the Traffic Department.

The RLVD will be integrated with ITMS. Already in Jammu, intelligent traffic lights with sensors have been installed at 64 traffic junctions and connected with a control system, which is monitored by the traffic police. Similarly in Srinagar, intelligent traffic lights are being installed at 34 identified junctions.

Once fully implemented, the Intelligent Traffic Management System would allow traffic cops to manage VIP movement on busy roads in a better way, provide unhindered access to ambulances in emergency situations by declaring a particular stretch of the road as ‘green corridor’ during contingency situations.

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