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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Jio-bp Enriching Highway travel experience through non-fuel retail

As India transverses the 25-year Amrit Kaal to our 100th year of independence, Jio-bp is committed to being not just an energy retailer but a facilitator to enriching travel experience on Indian highways, says Harish C. Mehta, CEO, Jio-bp.

Everyone is unanimous in their views that irrespective of external environment, India is and will continue to remain the global energy hotspot for next two or maybe even three decades. The foray of Reliance into fuel retailing brought about a fundamental change primarily through its pioneering technology assured Quality & Quantity and the concept of service. That the company could gain globally unprecedented 1% market share for 15 consecutive months is testimony of having touched the right customer pulse.

The innovative concept of Reliance’s highway amenities emerged from vision of the late Reliance Founder Chairman who had identified driver as a critical but still ignored element in the diesel chain. Designed keeping the specific requirements (quality sleep, quality food, quality wash) of truck drivers in mind, the Reliance’s countrywide network of strategically located transit hubs were frequented by even highway passengers in good numbers. Till date, Reliance facilities are considered as the biggest game changer on Indian highways.

On the non-fuel front, unfortunately not much has changed in India. This is in spite of the multi-fold growth in fuel station network and total highway network. Even today, not even 1% of the countrywide fuel station network has non-fuel offering. That the non-fuel contribution of the fuel station revenue stands at as high as 30% in developed and even some of the emerging countries showcases the depth of this untapped potential in India. With continued NHAI push for road network growth, there are already claims of over 600 NHAI wayside amenities alone coming up over the next few years.

At Jio-bp (operating brand of Reliance BP Mobility Limited, a fuel and retailing joint venture of Reliance and bp), we are committed to ushering this world class consumer experience to Indian customers. Quick glance of our portfolio of pioneering 100% additivised fuels, market leading on-demand doorstep diesel delivery, bouquet of loyalty programs, one of the largest café brands in the country, and one of the largest networks of charging stations amongst others will point to a strong start within a short time frame of three years.

For highways, Jio-bp is bringing all this and much more by being the only oil marketing company to have a country-wide partnership with India’s leading QSR chain operator. Through the same, we would be bringing the much-loved brands from deep inside the cities to even the highways. We are also tying up with food aggregators and local stand-alone prominent brands to continue offering a trusted food presence for our highway customers. Drawing upon our parent firm, bp’s experience in matured markets globally, Jio-bp is well placed to raise the bar once again for way side amenities in the country.

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