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Friday , 19 April 2024

ITMS on Noida Expressway

An Intelligent Traffic Management system (ITMS) which monitors traffic along expressways, alerts commuters of traffic movements and ensures swift response will be installed along the 25-km long Noida-Greater Noida expressway by November. The ITMS centralizes the different management functions such as traffic signal control, traffic monitoring, incident management, tunnel/highway monitoring and provision of real-time traffic advisory information along with other features.

Around 144 CCTVs will be placed 1km apart at a height of 14m, enabling movement detection up to a distance of 280m. Large LED displays will caution motorists about the road and weather conditions. An important feature of the system is the reduction of response time to an accident. Road users will receive instant emergency services and the expressway will be under surveillance 24/7 thus helping in crime control. The system is being sponsored by an Austrian company and is expected to bring down the accident rate on the road by about 25%.


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