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Tuesday , 21 May 2024

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On the Road to Recovery !

Road infrastructure is not a very positive terminology in India. Basically, because good roads can be counted on fingers, sick roads rarely get treated and new roads take a long time to conceive. How dismal is the picture? And what is the possibility of recovery? Vidyottama Sharma tries to find the answers.

Sustainability Issues in Pavement Engineering

Three experts from the Indian Institute of Science write in detail on the technologies, innovations, studies and the practices that need to be followed in the field of pavement engineering in India. They opine that sustainability is the way to achieve environment-friendly results.

Interview with: Sanjay Arora, “We will record a 20% increase in fines this year”

E-challans, sms alert systems, intelligent use of available space for parking and the ‘108 ambulance’ service have made a huge difference to Chennai’s traffic. Sanjay Arora, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) tells Mangala Chandran that his department will put Integrated Traffic Management System in place in a few months’ time.

Interview with:Sudhir Hoshing, ‘Road Technology is still not highly evolved in India’

Three airports for the Indian Air Force, a strategic road for the Defence Forces in the sand dunes of Rajasthan and three civil airports are among the several accomplished projects of Sudhir Hoshing. His 25 years in the industry make his voice a highly valued voice in the domain of road infrastructure. He has held several key positions in major infrastructure companies like Punj Lloyd, GMR and Oriental Structural Engineers.

A non-motorised network for Bangalore Cyclists and Pedestrians get their due

Bangalore takes the lead in the country in developing a Non Motorised Transport Network. The network will be used as an inter-modal transportation systems connectivity demonstrator. Also, cyclists will now be able to cycle to their nearest railway stations and bus stops, leave the cycle at those places, travel by train or bus to their destinations, return and cycle back home.

Reshaping the roofs to provide More free space at Railway Stations

If the Union Ministry of railways accepts a proposal by Rajya Sabha MP Javed Akhtar and noted architect and civic activist P K Das, the sloping roofs of railway stations could give way to modern and user-friendly lounges, better planned access & exit points and a well laid out conveniences area

We need to give people a dignified environment: P K Das

Owing to the constant degeneration of urban conditions and decaying of life in urban areas, particularly in the city of Mumbai, many groups in the city have been trying to infuse more dignity and quality into the lives of people. These include several citizens’ movements, NGOs, organisations and neighbourhood committees. Their efforts and energy are the positive aspects in an ...

It is time we included Pedestrians in transport planning

Despite being ubiquitous in transport movements, pedestrians are all too often under-prioritised in Transport Planning. Trasportation expert Richard Di Bona writes on the reasons, implications and solutions to the situations peppering his arguments with international examples.