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Friday , 1 March 2024

Introducing new traffic enforcement technology

Michael Kan, Vice President, Global Sales, Applied Concepts, Inc. / Stalker Radar

Texas-based Stalker Radar is a leader in speed detection and traffic enforcement solutions. Michael Kan, Vice President, Global Sales, Applied Concepts, Inc. / Stalker Radar, answers a few questions from TrafficInfraTech.

Stalker Radar has been providing traffic and law enforcement products for over three decades. How have road safety solutions evolved over the years?

The technical evolution from analog to digital over the past decades has allowed the traffic safety products to be modernized to become fully autonomous devices that require little to no human interaction to provide the best possible speed enforcement, traffic light management, traffic flow control, and- critically important to homeland security- integrate ANPR into the process.

What are the different traffic products and radar-based solutions being offered by Stalker?

Applied Concepts provides a wide range of traffic enforcement products, from the simple hand-held radar to our multi-lane, automated enforcement solutions that can process up to 64 vehicles simultaneously with an integrated back-end for violation processing.

Today, the world over, Dash Mount Radar is getting widely accepted. What are the advantages?

The big advantage for dash-mount radar is their stealthy operation.There is no way for app users on an program like Waze to discover and broadcast the radar location as it will be in motion around a wider area all the time. Additionally, the police officer can be patrolling a wide area for safety issues other than traffic while easily observing any speed law violators. Our dash mount equipment is also heavily used by motorcycle patrol divisions.

What are the Stalker solutions available in India?

All of our laser and radar solutions are available and have been sold throughout India.

How do you plan to leverage the most from your participation in TrafficInfraTech Expo in terms of meeting both existing and potential customers?

We are here in New Delhi to introduce the latest technology that includes ANPR in a hand-held Lidar device to both existing customers as well as new customers looking to upgrade their existing, older technology radar and laser products.

Can you give some information about a few of our products?

  • Phodar SE-1.2- This amazing unit allows tracking of up to 32 vehicles simultaneously across up to 6 lanes of traffic, and is unaffected by smog, sun, wind, or sand. Onboard ANPR, vehicle classification, and make/model recognition make capturing data accurate and efficient, and the high-resolution 12 MP camera makes traffic enforcement simple.
  • LidarCam II- The newest member of the Stalker Radar lineup, the LidarCam II is a hand-held lidar and photo-enforcement unit that can capture and record photo and video evidence on-the-go. With built-in ANPR, a large touchscreen, up to 1TB of internal storage, wireless remote, wi-fi and cellular connectivity, and rapid charging, the LidarCam II is the best option for mobile traffic enforcement available.

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