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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Intelligent Door System

The special automatic sliding doors for use at the bus stops of BRTS have been provided by Technocrats Security Systems Pvt Ltd and are in normally closed and locked position. They are operated by the driver sitting inside the bus. Each door (there are four doors at each stop) has an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader mounted by its side which is used for access control. An RFID tag transmitter, is also installed inside the bus near the glass of the driver’s window. When the bus approaches the bus stop, the driver aligns the tag with the reader installed at the bus stop so that the doors of the bus and the bus stop align with each other. Then, the driver pushes an open-close push button (transmitter) installed on the dashboard below the steering wheel. The doors of the bus and the bus stop then open simultaneously. Likewise, when he presses the button for closing, both the doors close. The control logic circuit in the remote waits for the acknowledged signal from the door position sensor that the bus door is closed and after a delay of one sec, it transmits the RF signal to the receiver of the bus station door to close the bus station door.

The driver has to align the tag in front of the reader and then press the button. If he misses one action or misaligns the tag and reader, the doors will not open.

If, at a time, four buses stand at a single bus stop and the driver of the bus aligns the tag and reader of the first door, then only the first door will open while the other three will remain shut. There will be no mismatch. The bus station door will normally be in the locked position and will have provision to open by emergency switch located in station manager cabin.

Technocrats has provided 125 doors at 36 bus stops. The special doors have been imported from Japan (manufactured by JAD of Japan) while the technology has been developed by Technocrats itself, Manish K, Project in-charge of its Services and Maintenance Division told TrafficInfraTech.


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