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Monday , 22 July 2024

Intelligent Verge Maker

ITS Planners and Engineers Pvt Ltd has launched iVM (Intelligent Verge Marker) making roads safer by warning the drivers about curves or other obstructions by flashing LEDs. The markers respond to approaching vehicles and do not flash when there are no vehicles.

Using internal electronics and light sensors, the iVM follows the day and night cycle of ambient light. During night it picks up any sudden increase in light, and flashes its red LEDs. As vehicles proceed closer to the markers, thus increasing the level of light, the flash rate of the LEDs increases.

The bright flashing red LEDs draw the driver’s attention to the hazard quicker than traditional light reflectors and help them distinguish it from other distractions. iVM is designed to be installed on new marker posts or can be fitted to existing furniture. They can operate independently or can be linked into a broader Hazard Warning System. They can also be linked with technologies such as vehicle activated message signs.


  • The iVM responds only to increasing light levels of approaching headlights, not static or falling light levels such as the tail lights or stopped vehicles
  • Whilst the light level increases the iVM responds by increasing its own flashing rate
  • If the vehicle stops, or the light level only grows slowly the iVM does not flash
  • Optical sensors test the daytime light level at oneminute intervals
  • Very low power operation using solar panels.

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