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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Integrated Ticketing System

Integrated Ticketing system being implemented by MMRDA consists of National Common Mobility (NCMC) Card and Common Mobility App says, Rajiv Agrawal, Director Systems. The system is being put in place under the guidance of Metropolitan Commissioner SVR Srinivas

Indian road freight rates are one of the lowest in the world and so are the warehousing rates, yet India has a high logistics cost component as a percentage of GDP. This paradox can only be explained by artificially marked up rail freight cost due to passenger cross subsidisation of passenger fares by railways and an extremely congested network of Indian Railways resulting into tardy and not so reliable multi modal transport solution by Railways resulting into high cost of inventory and resultant high cost of carrying inventory.

MMRDA is striving hard to provide seamless travel to commuters, in terms of both physical and ticketing integration, thereby enhancing the use of the public transport. Using the Integrated Ticketing System, it is planned to integrate various metro lines, monorail, bus operators and other public transport operators.

Key benefits of the Integrated Ticketing System

  • Facilitate combination of various transportation modes i.e. Multimodal Integration
  • Can be used in both Transit and Non-Transit (Retail) Environment
  • Seamless transfer of commuters between various modes of transportation
  • Promote use of public transport
  • Reduction in administrative costs for operators
  • Provide accurate and accessible information to commuters
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Provide facility of journey planner to commuters using different modes of transportation.

An overview

Cards issued under ITS will be open loop cards in alignment with NCMC standards issued by MoHUA.

(a) Basic system:

  • Cards issued by bank: can be used for transit and retail/shopping.
  • Prepaid Value is stored on the card
  • Transactions happen at the front-end devices
  • Fare logic and business rules are stored in the front-end devices

(b) For commuters with balance:

  • As the card is tapped, the front-end device
  1. Checks whether the card is blacklisted (e.g. reported lost or stolen),
  2. Calculates the fare to be deducted
  3. Checks the balance on the card, deducts the fare, lets the commuter pass

(a) For commuters with insufficient balance: Front-end device will alert the commuter not to travel. The gate will not open. No low-balance risk.

(b) Top-ups and refunds: Card Top-up can be done at ticket window, or a top-up device (even if money is transferred electronically) located at metro station or via web portal. Bank refund is possible.

(c)  Security deposit not required; card issuance fee by issuer bank.

(d) Interoperability: Interoperability will be possible on all the PTOs which are NCMC/Open Loop compliant. Use of NCMC card for travelling seamlessly through multiple PTOs will be possible.

(e) KYC: KYC will be done by the Bank, as required for NCMC Open Loop cards

Common Mobility App

  • Displaying latest maps of participating PTOs along with location of stations / stops
  • Calculate route from source to destination along with cost of journey
  • Booking ticket for the selected journey
  • Recharge facility available for online transactions
  • Display the available transit products including participating operators of first and last mile journey
  • Provides facility of journey planner to commuters travelling through various modes of transportation for last mile connectivity
  • Provides city guide along with information about nearest attractions/locations for convenience of commuters

System launch plan

  • Work is in advanced stage of completion for Phase-2 sections of Line 2A and 7. Oscillation trials by RDSO are over. Signaling System assessment by ISA is on before Commissioner of Railway Safety’s inspection. The commercial operation is expected to begin in mid-January 2023
  • Selection of a Mobile App Technology Partner to develop and operate the Common Mobility App is in place.
  • Selection of a Banking partner for Transaction Acquiring, Card Issuing and AFC integration services for Integrated Ticketing System is in place and the work is on for integration of banking with AFC provider. The card is scheduled for launch in January 2023.

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