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Thursday , 23 May 2024

“Integrated Security Solutions help save time and money while implementing projects”

Ashish P Dhakan, MD & CEO of Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd., says that his company is a ‘one-stop-solution’ provider for surveillance and security based product requirements. He feels that when various components are provided by different vendors, integrating them as a solution becomes a challenge.

What are the key solutions offered by your company?

According to IHS, Hikvision is the world’s leading provider of video surveillance products and security solutions. We, at Hikvision, offer a wide range of products including Video Surveillance Equipment, Access Control, Intrusion, Video Door Phone and Storage (SSD, HDD) segments. We also have a wide variety of products and accessories like CCTV, NVR, CVR, VMS, Switches, and Routers. All these products are offered as an integrated security solution package. It helps system integrators to save time and money while implementing projects.

“We have successfully completed various big-ticket projects in India, including Haryana State Road Transport, Naya Raipur BRTS and Jabalpur City Bus Service Projects”.

We have a pool of domain experts to design and implement end- to- end solutions across verticals including Transportation, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Education, Retail, Pharma & Healthcare, Hospitality, Critical Infrastructure, Entertainment, Sports, Smart City and City Surveillance etc. We at Hikvision offer end- to- end security solution to our clients at competitive price with value added service. We are a ‘one –stop- solution’ provider for surveillance and security based product requirements.

What are the special features of your products, systems and technology?

The special feature of our products and systems is the latest IP technology. In the past few years, Video Surveillance Technology has witnessed the change from Analog to IP trend. The best part of our value added offering is the high quality IP Solution, which is very cost effective. Our products have the cutting edge technology, which helps customers and end – users to get the desired results. The latest range of Hikvision Cameras offers great value in terms of ease of use, quick installation and competitive pricing. Their speciality is inbuilt hardware function. Even the basic entry level Hikvision CCTV camera has video analytics functions like line crossing, object left, WDR etc.

Some of our latest product offerings have the latest H.265 Compression technology, which saves a huge amount of storage and bandwidth. This further helps in overall cost saving and also ensures top notch quality. They are also embedded with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Deep Learning technologies. We also have Push Technology, which enables live data feed at the command centre. We have a pool of domain experts to design and implement end- to- end solutions for transport sector’s specific requirement.

We also have a pioneering technology related to vehicle based products, where one can view the vehicle movement remotely from anywhere in the world.

How has the response been so far?

In India the awareness about security products and solutions is growing by the day. Global terrorism related incidents and emerging local threats, have created a demand for robust security solutions. All the stakeholders have taken strong initiatives to implement the security solution across the verticals. In the Indian security market, many big ticket security projects are getting implemented by the Government, Private and Public Sector Companies. Due to enhanced threat perception, end-users are coming forward and planning to have Security Solutions (Video Surveillance, Access Control and Intrusion) for securing their applications, operations, establishments and enterprises. We are getting good response from the end-users for Hikvision’s comprehensive solutions for Transport sector.

The main objective for the end-user is not only safety and security, but business continuity too. They also want to ensure that their video surveillance cameras and security systems give them a hands-on experience of application and performance analysis. Today, the end-users are aware of the latest trends and they want to incorporate those applications. Due to the advent of IP era, end-users prefer to have IP Cameras with access to cloud server and help of mobile app to monitor the same.

How do you find the market for your technologies in India?

India is one of the fastest growing markets for security products and solutions across the globe. The Indian security market is currently moving towards a mature stage. In the next 10 years, India’s security market will experience a boom like never before.

The Transport Sector has a huge growth potential for us. We are quite focussed on opportunities emerging from the Transport Sector, including Highway, Road Transport and Railways. We have plans to focus on Airports, Sea Ports, Water Transport, BRTS and Metro Rail projects in India. The government’s Smart City plan and Digital India initiative are creating new opportunities for the security Industry. Video Surveillance Equipment (CCTV) is a key part of any project. Now, the trend is to use a camera with intelligent function and smart box on every highway. In Railway Coaches, CCTVs are helping the cause of passenger safety and security. In transport buses, CCTVs are fitted under Nirbhaya initiative to ensure women’s safety. If all these initiatives are put on fast track implementation, then there will be exponential growth of Video Surveillance Equipment market in India.

Where have you implemented the technology?

We have successfully implemented various customized solutions for various projects in India. Some of the significant Railway projects implemented by Hikvision include Integral Coach Factory, Modern Coach Factory and Western Railway. In the Public Transport segment, we have successfully completed various projects, including Haryana State Road Transport, Naya Raipur BRTS and Jabalpur City Bus Service.

What are the problems/challenges in integrating your traffic and parking products/ systems with other systems?

Sometimes integration becomes a big challenge due to the solutions provided by different vendors. Normally, all solutions are not compliant with ONVIF standard, thus integration becomes difficult. Also, many a time OEM is different for different products, so the SDK (Software development kit) and API (Application Programming interface) doesn’t support. Sometimes we face the challenge when the end-user does not have the clarity and doesn’t want to upgrade the solution to the latest version. The latest requirement update needs proper pre-requisite system configuration so the system can be upgraded properly.

What are your future plans in this sector?

We aim to offer a high end solution at low cost. We are committed to providing the latest technology with the best quality products. We are planning to build robust solutions, and are investing heavily in R&D and training initiatives. We also conduct direct end user certification program on a regular basis to provide the latest product information and solution updates. We are planning to create a media archive of technology white papers and case studies so the end-user can customize it to their specific needs. We have big plans for Hikvision road shows in key metro cities. We will be showcasing our latest products and customised solutions in all the leading trade shows to spread awareness about Hikvision. Our aim is to reflect Hikvision’s global leadership in the video surveillance market through innovative products, pioneering solutions and prompt service.

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